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IT Risk and Security Rewards

Navigating a rapidly changing cyber environment
Originally recorded:
April 30, 2013
About the Webinar

The cyber environment is rapidly changing and security concerns are real. Knowing who you can trust to support your security needs is key. In this Webinar, AT&T security expert Steve Hurst suggests that, at its core, security is a risk management issue with three key factors feeding today’s cyber environment of increased risk exposure: The Evolution of Threats, The Evolution of Technology, and The Increase in Complexity.

Our presentation will explore these three factors and the ways companies can mitigate their effect by adopting security strategies built on trust that separate different groups based on their threat potential and need for access to company data.

Meet the Presenter
    • Steven Hurst

      As Director of Security Services and Technology, Steve Hurst has dual responsibilities supporting Security Services product management and serving as technical lead in the Chief Security Office. He is responsible for helping to set strategy, building and managing AT&T's commercial Managed Security Services products and developing new security solutions based on best practices developed by AT&T’s Chief Security Office. These security services include a broad spectrum of solutions necessary for customers to protect themselves in today’s risk prone cyber environment. Steve has been with AT&T for over ten years and is an active member of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA).

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