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PCI 3.0 - Are you prepared?

Be ready to Shift from Annual Compliance to Daily Security.
Originally recorded:
November 12, 2013
About the Webinar

The threats to cardholder data are constantly changing, so the security measures designed to protect that data can never stand still. The new PCI standards aim to transom data security by placing a new focus on flexibility, education, and proactivity.

Join AT&T payment card industry expert Chris Mark where he'll examine the reasons behind the changes and what they mean in practice.

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  • Why the changes are necessary and the impact they will have on the industry
  • How to develop your action plan to ensure compliance and enable proactive data security
  • How to create a security-conscious mindset in your organization

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Meet the Expert
    • Chris Mark
      PCI Practice Director,
      Security Solutions
      AT&T Consulting

      Chris Mark is one of the world’s foremost payment card security experts, and was involved in the foundation of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). He draws on his practical experience as a key advisor in hundreds of PCI assessments across the globe to publish numerous articles and white papers on PCI security, and is a regular speaker at industry events.

      As PCI Practice Director at AT&T, Chris combines his technical expertise and client management skills to help clients manage the security of their customers’ credit and debit card data.

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  • 1. The new PCI 3.0 standards include the following three themes – which change concerns you the most?
  • 2. How confident are you that your security program can help you achieve and sustain the new PCI 3.0 standard?