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Security From the Pocket
to the Cloud

Originally recorded:
November 8, 2012
About the Webinar

In many ways, new technologies have made doing business easier. But these same technologies have made securing the business more difficult. While many organizations are rushing to deploy cloud, security often gets left behind. And while mobile has proven to be a game-changer for business, the game hasn’t changed when it comes to compliance. In fact, for many organizations, meeting regulatory compliance requirements can be a costly and complex moving target. Join Lawrence Orans of Gartner Research and Todd Waskelis of AT&T for a discussion on how taking an “inside out” approach to security can unlock the full potential of cloud and mobile for your organization, as well as how professional security consulting services can help.

Meet the Speakers
    • Lawrence Orans

      Lawrence Orans focuses on network security research. He assists chief information security officers and other security professionals in developing network-based strategies for mitigating security threats. His recent research notes and presentations have addressed vulnerabilities in the Internet infrastructure and how enterprises can mitigate these risks. With his 15 years at Gartner, Mr. Orans has nearly 30 years of experience in the IT industry. He has held systems engineering positions with IBM, 3Com and Bay Networks.

    • Todd Waskelis

      Mr. Waskelis is responsible for the direction and business performance for AT&T Consulting’s Security service lines. Todd’s organization provides both strategic and tactical security consulting services to enterprises and government agencies covering a wide spectrum of offerings from compliance and risk management to technical services for emerging technologies such as cloud and mobility.

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